Accelerate Shoulder Surgery Recovery Using Ice Therapy Machine

Cold therapy is an age-old remedy to help heal muscle and bone injuries. The conventional use of ice packs or even frozen vegetable bags to deliver cold therapy to injuries is not adequate when recovering from major orthopedic surgeries such as those involving the shoulder joint. In such cases, use of an ice machine for shoulders is the perfect way to utilize cold therapy for a patient’s speedier recovery.

Shoulder Surgeries and the Rehabilitation Process

The need for shoulder surgeries can stem from severe injuries or pain in the ligaments, tendons, cartilages, or the bones. Rotator cuff repairs and shoulder replacement are major surgeries. Shoulder surgeries can also include fracture repairs, cyst excisions, and ligament repairs. The repairing of shoulder relocation and tending to any tears in the muscles are also types of shoulder surgeries. The surgeries can be done as open repairs or as arthroscopy procedures (less invasive). But recovery may still take weeks after any type of shoulder surgery.

The rehabilitation program includes rest along with use of pain medicines as necessary before physical therapy can begin. Surgeons often recommend use of ice for healing the muscles faster. Pain medicines provide a lot of relief from the discomfort after surgeries but these can be addictive. But without pain management, it is not possible to commence any sort of physical therapy. Cold therapy eliminates or reduces the need for pain medicines during the recovery and rehabilitation work.

But cold therapy needs to be administered properly on the shoulder joint or the muscles for it to really work. Using traditional ice packs simply is not the proper way to deliver cold therapy to recovering shoulder tissues. You need a proper ice machine for shoulders for speedier recovery after surgeries.

Cold Therapy for Shoulders

Cold therapy works on orthopedic injuries by numbing the surrounding muscles. Numbed muscles cannot transmit impulses and this stops the blood flow to the surgical wounds or injuries. The restricted blood flow enables the body’s healing process to work on the injuries and reduce the inflammation and the pain.

For cold therapy to be effective, patients need to use it regularly. When you use an ice machine for shoulder from reputed brands like IsoComforter, it is easy to deliver cold therapy consistently on your surgical wounds. IsoComforter cold therapy machines are designed for maximum impact and convenience for the users.

The healing pad in these machines wraps around the entire shoulder joint. The machine consists of a tank and a pump that you need to fill with ice and water. As you plug it in, the freezing water begins to circulate and provide healing to the surgical wound.

When you use an ice machine for shoulders from IsoComforter, you don’t require replenishing the ice very often. You can sit and relax without worrying about refilling the ice or dripping water on the wounds. These are the problems with traditional ice packs, which you don’t encounter with cold therapy unit.

When buying an ice machine for shoulders, look for devices that offer consistent healing through the pads. For example, IsoComforter machines utilize the patented Iso-Tube technology to deliver cold therapy safely and evenly across the injured muscles. The pads contain ridges to ensure that the patients do not suffer burn injuries from near-freezing temperatures.

Cold therapy through machines means you receive the benefit of dynamic healing instead of static therapy from ice packs. The constant movement of water ensures that there is a difference in temperatures between the pad and the skin; allowing for optimal heat transfer.

Cold therapy helps patients achieve better range of movements in the shoulder joint. Patients can even perform better during their physical therapy if they continue to manage the pain using cold therapy during this period as well and not only before starting with therapeutic exercises.

In fact, use of cold therapy on tender shoulder joints and painful muscles is useful even without surgeries. You can use an ice machine for shoulders to heal sore muscles and sports-related injuries. Tending to painful muscles and bones before the pain becomes severe can in many cases even eliminate the need for extensive surgeries.