Cord Blood Transplant – A Fresh Start to Your Life

Many life-threatening diseases make an individual stressed and much complicated. But, the good news is that almost every disease is nowadays curable with the advanced method. One such method is cord blood transplant that is useful to cure diseases like blood disorders, cancer, metabolic disorder, bone marrow failure syndromes, immune disorders, etc. One can approach the best cord blood banks for getting blood to start the process.

What is the Source of Cord Blood?

Well, the main source of cord blood is a newly born baby’s umbilical cord. The cord blood can be stored in a collection bag easily while separating the umbilical cord from the newly born baby. The blood is a major source of stem cells that work effectively when it comes to regenerating the immune system and healthy blood after the cord blood transplant.

Doctors use this method to save the lives of millions across the world. Besides, researchers have been making a continuous effort to find the possibility of blood cord as a potential solution to cure those diseases that have no remedy.

What does involve in Cord Blood Transplant?

Immune system reconstitution is also popular as stem cell transplant that is used for the main purpose of replacement of those of maligned cells or also for enhancing the formation of new cells. Stem cell transplant works most effectively in this arena.

Before going for a stem cell transplant, patients need to undergo a range of treatments. Those who are suffering from diseases like leukemias, lymphomas, etc. need to either go with radiotherapy or chemotherapy or also the combination is used with perfection when it comes to destroying those decayed cells. These are the most important treatment that patients get in combination with total body irradiation that minimizes the immense systems and is also helpful when it comes to preventing diseases, which fall in the category of graft versus host. Besides, the effectiveness of the said method is something that also depends on if the donor’s cells match with those of the recipient’s cells.

The entire process of stem cell transplant takes place in a couple of days after conditioning. The transplant is quite simple and much similar to the transfusion of blood. The stem cells already get isolated especially during the process of cord blood processing. After this, medical professionals test these stem cells for viability.

Once the completion of transplant process successfully, the stem cells then go to the center of the bone. These cord blood stem cells then finally generate fresh blood and those of immune system cells. In the process of cord blood transplantation, the grafted white blood cells attack the disease and then initiate the process of recovery. This is also popular as graft versus tumor.

Why Cord Blood Transplant is Life Saving

According to researchers, stem cells that come from the umbilical cord don’t include any incompatibilities which make them predictable as well as safe to use. When it comes to the approved use of cord blood, doctors use it for majorly hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Evolving with a faster pace, cord blood transplant brings the possibility for children from curing their blood for different types of diseases, be it cerebral palsy, autism, some types of cancer, etc. Besides, cord blood stem cells also play a crucial role when it comes to repairing those of damaged organs or tissues. In other words, cord blood has the potential to cure several diseases that tend to make your life miserable.

Stem cells, on the other hand, have also immense potential for curing brain injury, juvenile diabetes, etc. Besides, many researchers also believe the fact that stem cells can also affect the immune damage done to the pancreas in children suffering from diabetes.

Cord blood stem cells are highly flexible if we compare them to those of adult stem cells from various other sources such as bone marrow.

• Less risk involved in cord blood transplant

• It gives one’s flexibility to use his/her stem cells that at present have a lack of medical treatment options.

• It also works effectively when it comes to minimizing disease progression.

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