Here are Some Valid Reasons to see a Dentist Now

Due to a fast-paced life, the human is ignoring their health and consume too much sugar as well as indulge in munching sugar coated items to satisfy their taste buds. Therefore, maintaining proper hygiene has become increasingly difficult. So, it is essential to visit your best dentist McLean VA for maintaining proper oral hygiene. Although it is advisable to visit your dentist every six months, there are also some valid reasons where one must visit a dentist immediately for maintaining optimum oral health. The reasons are described below.

Bleeding Gums It can be the symptom of some infection or disease in the mouth or even in a different part of your body. But at the same time, gums may bleed for using a new toothbrush, flossing, and strong brushing. Visiting an emergency dentist McLean immediately will help in knowing the real cause so you can get proper treatment.

Loss of Tooth Due to some accident, when your tooth gets damaged, then one should consider rushing towards the dental clinic. Your best dentist in McLean, VA will go through the entire denture for inspecting the damage and also make sure that the other teeth do not get damaged or there is any kind of infection.

Toothache Having pain in the tooth looks like a normal problem, but it can be a symptom of deep decay in the tooth. There are no nerves on teeth but the inner core or pulp has, so the pain can be the symptom of nerve infection or damage. So, you should visit your dentist immediately.

Presence of cavities and plaque Even regular flossing and brushing can leave areas in the mouth from cleaning as the inner parts of the mouth are difficult to clean with the brush. This leads to the formation of tartar and plaque and at home, it is difficult to clean. The plaque eventually forms into cavities causing the teeth to decay. Going to the dentist for regular cleanup will help in removing plaque in the initial stages and also prevent cavities from causing and developing permanent damage to your teeth.

Smokers Those who are using products made of tobacco are prone to the throat and oral cancer. If someone is visiting their best dentist in McLean, VA regularly will help to detect any symptoms of cancer at early stages so that s/he can treat. Throat and oral cancer are equally life threatening as other forms of cancer and the smoker group must make sure they visit their dentist after every six months.

Swollen or inflamed gums These are a strong sign of the advanced stage of gum disease. If left untreated, these gums not only create trouble while speaking, drinking and eating but also destroy or weaken your jaw bone.

Bad Breath Although it is common to have bad breath after eating specific types of foods like coffee, tea, and garlic. However, if there is continuous bad breath with no reason, then one should go to the dentist. Bad breath is a sign of gum infection, cavity, or any other medical condition of your body.

Pregnant Women Multiple changes happen inside a woman’s body during pregnancy, so many gynecologists recommend ladies to go for a dental checkup as they conceive. If beforehand women have some kind of oral health problems, then they may worsen during pregnancy, thereby causing discomfort to both the child and the mother.

Irregular tooth bite This condition happens very rare with people, but it may cause in early tooth loss because of frequent colliding and grinding of the teeth while speaking and eating. This type of condition may occur in an adult as soon as all their teeth grow and your dentist will monitor and may correct the irregular teeth biting.

Dry mouth Dehydration not only causes dry mouth, but it is a sign that your mouth is not producing enough saliva that itself is a bad oral condition. Saliva helps in maintaining the level of acid in the mouth and helps to digest the food. If there is less saliva, then there is the presence of some disease along with the difficulty in digesting the food.