Professional Percussion Massager: All That You Wanted to Know

A percussion massager is an excellent tool for relieving all kinds of muscle pain. It can help to loosen up muscle knots effectively and infuse the user with a sense of well-being. It can aid recovery post intense workouts and even help your muscles regain their strength for the next training session. A professional percussion massager provides the same sense of relief that you can get from different forms of therapy massages performed by a trained therapist.

Here is everything you wanted to know about a professional percussion massager.

Professional Percussion Massager – What is It?  

A professional percussion massager is a small handheld tool that comes with a rounded head. The massager delivers pressure on the muscles in a rapid and concentrated manner to relieve pain and soreness. It helps to deliver deep-tissue massages that can help improve blood flow to the tissues. As the tension leaves the body, you can begin to experience a sense of relief. It can hasten your recovery post-intensive workouts and training sessions. You can also use it to relieve soreness from your muscles after a tiring day at work.

A professional percussion massager is different from the usual massage guns. The former is of superior quality and made with sturdy materials. It also works without producing any noise.

Using the Percussion Massager

It is easy to use a percussion massager by yourself as it is a handheld massage tool. You need to simply hold the massager over the affected area and switch it on to start using it. You will need to hold the massager over the affected area for some time while the percussive action works its way into your muscles.

Ensure that the massager is properly charged before you begin to use it. Percussion massagers come with 3-5 ball attachments of different sizes. You need to use the appropriate massage ball head as per your requirement. Smaller heads can help you focus on specific spots more accurately. Smaller and medium heads are also ideal for mild massages. Bigger massage heads are perfect for really intensive deep-tissues massages.

Use the massager whenever you feel soreness, tension, or pain in your muscles. You can use it for a few minutes on a specific muscle group easily. You can take breaks between each session if the muscle pain is excessive and you need to use the massager for a bit longer than usual.

Choose a speed setting that seems ideal for your requirements. A high-speed setting is perfect for massaging really tight knots. It can effectively help to loosen the muscles again. Slow and medium settings are adequate when your muscles require just a bit of care at the end of the day or after a mild workout.

Buying Guide for Percussion Massagers

Choose a sturdy percussion massager over cheap alternatives every time. Ensure that the ball heads are strong enough to offer impactful massages. The massager must also be easy to grip and hold over the muscles.

Buy a percussion massager with different speed settings. It will help you get the massages of different intensities as per your requirements. The highest speed setting of 3300 rpm (rotations per minute) is quite ideal for really deep and intense tissue massages. A professional percussion massager will always offer at least five different speed settings. So, choose one accordingly.

Check the warranty period of the massager. A 1-year warranty period seems quite good if you wish to use it on a regular basis. Some brands may also offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days or so. Such assurances display a brand’s confidence in its product offering. So, if you wish to buy a percussion massager; check if it also comes with such an attractive money-back offer. Such offers can also help you feel confident about using the massager for the first time. You can use it confidently without the fear of it breaking down easily.

If you want to use the massager even when you are traveling; choose a quality product that comes with a sturdy travel case. The travel case must have compartments to store different components of the massager safely.

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