Reasons to Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage plans in Texas are Medicare-approved medical insurance plans that you can get from private insurance companies. To avail of these, you must have Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). There are some distinct benefits to getting a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan over Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Let’s consider why you should consider getting Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas:

A Medicare Advantage Plan Offers an All-In-One Coverage

While you won’t get the hospice care that you would get with Original Medicare Part A, you may still find it to your benefit to get a Medicare Advantage Plan. It offers comprehensive health benefits in a single health insurance plan, including 100% coverage for the deductibles you would get with Original Medicare Part A and Part B. You can also avail of affordable monthly premiums and copayments. Moreover, you won’t have to pay anything for prescription drug deductibles and preventive care copayments. That can result in plenty of healthcare savings for you per year.

Another crucial factor is that you will have access to some of the top health care systems and providers that will be on the Medicare Advantage Plan network.

A Medicare Advantage Plan Can Include Coverage for Prescription Drugs

If you require coverage for prescription drugs, you will be better off with getting a Medicare Advantage Plan rather than the Original Medicare. As the Original Medicare does not provide medication coverage, you would have to make out-of-pocket payments for buying the medicines you need. You could get a Medicare Part D plan, but, with that, you will get coverage only for prescription medications. 

On the other hand, a Medicare Advantage Plan will provide you with coverage for your prescription medicines that will be comparatively less expensive and can also extend to other medical services that you might use. Please note that the plans can vary depending on which prescription medication you use.

A Medicare Advantage Plan Limits Out-of-Pocket Spending

One of the main issues with Original Medicare (Part A and B) is that there is no limit on the out-of-pocket medical expenses you might incur. In a single year, you might find yourself spending a very exorbitant sum of money on your healthcare requirements, and that could land you in financial hardships. It is the last thing you need, especially if you are a senior citizen with a limited income or even a young professional with plenty of other debts.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, however, there is a maximum annual limit for out-of-pocket spending on healthcare services that Medicare Part A and Part B cover. While different plans can have different limits, the money you spend must be below the maximum. After you reach the maximum limit in a year, the Medicare Advantage Plan will kick in and pay 100% for the covered healthcare services. In this way, you get better financial protection, and you will appreciate it if any health complications ever arise.

A Medicare Advantage Plan Comes with Additional Benefits

Along with providing the medical insurance coverage, you would get with Original Medicare Part A (excluding hospice care) and Part B and also coverage for prescription medications. There are several other benefits to a Medicare Advantage Plan. You can, for instance, get coverage for routine healthcare services such as dental, vision, and hearing checkups; you wouldn’t get this with Original Medicare Part A and Part B.

You can now also get additional benefits like coverage for the transportation costs to visit the doctor. The benefits also cover paying for the delivery of healthy meals to your home. Additionally, if you have mobility or other health issues, you can get coverage for installing grab bars for safety and convenience in your bathroom. Furthermore, you can avail of the insurance coverage for virtual visits and telemedicine from healthcare professionals.

As you see, there are plenty of reasons to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan over other health insurance plans. Keep in mind, though, that the benefits you can get will be different in different states. Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas, for instance, can offer other benefits than those you would get in Florida. Your service area can also affect the available plan offerings.