What are the Benefits of Using a Cold Therapy Unit?

Cold therapy is the application of freezing temperatures over injured muscles or tissues to heal them. It is a natural therapy without any side effects.

For cold therapy to work well, it needs to be delivered via efficient methods. The traditional method for its delivery has been to use ice packs over the affected parts. But the use of ice packs is not ideal for administering cold therapy. It is best delivered via cold therapy units, which are special devices designed for the purpose.

Here are the benefits of using the best cold therapy unit.

The Benefit of Efficient Delivery of Cold Therapy

There is no better way to deliver cold therapy than to use a cold therapy unit. Yes, ice packs can provide the freezing temperature for cold therapy. But their use has several limitations in terms of delivering cold therapy. First, ice packs can be uneven; not conducive to deliver cold therapy deep inside the tissues. Second, ice packs can drip water over surgical wounds and increase your chances of contracting post-operative infections. Third, it is not comfortable to use ice packs over injuries for too long. But there are no such restrictions when it comes to using a cold therapy unit.

A cold therapy unit is a well-designed machine for the optimal delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries. For instance, IsoComforter utilizes the patented Iso tube technology to make its cold therapy units for the most efficient and safe delivery of cold therapy. The healing pads of IsoComforter machines consist of ridges for safe delivery of freezing temperatures over the users’ skin. IsoComforter machines also do not produce any condensation when in use; making them completely safe to use over surgical or open wounds. 

The Benefit of Ease of Use

It is extremely easy to operate and use a cold therapy unit daily. The unit is made up of several components such as the tank, pump, healing pad, and a tube. To use the machine, all you need to do is fill the tank with ice and water and then wrap the healing pad around the affected area. You can then sit, relax, and then switch on the machine to begin enjoying the therapeutic power of cold therapy.

IsoComforter machines come equipped with self-priming pumps for further operational ease. There is no heavy mechanical effort required to use or operate a cold therapy unit.

The Benefit of Convenience

Use of cold therapy units offers a convenient means to administer cold therapy right from the comfort of your home. You can also use it in clinical settings if required.

When it comes to consistently administering cold therapy, the convenience factor of using a machine offers a real benefit to patients. Cold therapy requires a consistent application for it to show excellent results. Consistent use of any therapy is only possible when it is easy to administer.

If you use IsoComforter machines, you won’t even require replenishing the tank with ice very often. You can relax while the machine does its job of healing your injuries.  You can even use portable IsoComforter machines and continue to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy on the move.

The Benefit of Speedy Recovery

With efficient delivery of cold therapy, the use of a machine aids the recovery of patients. With the benefit of convenient use, it is possible to administer cold therapy as needed by the patients. These factors make the speedy recovery of patients quite possible.

Patients experience pain relief quickly with consistent and efficient cold therapy delivery. Patients recovering from knee or shoulder replacement surgeries can regain the range of motions in their joints with faster pain relief. They can then begin their rehabilitation program on time or even sooner than expected. With speedy recovery, patients can do away with pain-relieving medicines. It can be a real boon as long-term use of pain medicines can be addictive for patients.

The Benefit of a Safe Therapy

Cold therapy is a completely natural and safe therapy. If you use a well-designed cold therapy unit for its delivery, you can ensure a safe experience of using this natural therapy.